Welcome to the Intercultural Compass, offering guidance in the VUCA world in the field of global collaboration. Welcome to the world of stories across cultures. Welcome to space where you can dive into stories on coping with culture stress, get to know stories that turned out to be supportive in getting to know and working with people from various cultures and where you can reflect upon your own narrative approach. Everyone is a storyteller and storytelling, story sharing and above all story listening is part of our DNA. It is the basis of better understanding not only at the cognitive level but also at the emotional level. Before you consider storytelling for global leadership, among multicultural team members, and in the intercultural projects, in general, take your time, lay back and get triggered.


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As an intercultural coach, trainer and facilitator as well as a fascinated storyteller who believes in the power of well-told stories, I am happy to enhance your intercultural learning focused on communication across cultures no matter if you are working face to face or virtually.
Stories can bring relief and bring back dignity, can be an eye-opener and the reason to laugh together because of culturally based misunderstandings. All the issues that are so important for international project managers, multicultural team leaders and decision makers who work globally. I am convinced that intercultural competence development is a long life process that can be accelerated thanks to the intercultural trainings and coachings. The cross-cultural awareness and self-reflection matter and I am thrilled to accompany you on the journey to the development of intercultural communication skills. Together we will explore the power of storytelling in the intercultural context and apply tools, which will turn learning into discovery and pleasure of detecting answers to questions driven by curiosity.

I look forward to hearing from you.