Everyone is a storyteller and storytelling, story sharing and story listening are part of our DNA. They are the basis of better understanding not only at the cognitive level but also at the emotional level. If you got curious how we can work with stories, watch my movie


Welcome to my website called the Intercultural Compass, offering guidance in the turbulent times in the field of global collaboration. Driven by the potential of sharing stories across cultures, I offer intercultural coaching sessions, trainings and classes at the universities with the narrative approach. With real passion, I offer facilitation and moderation of virtual and face-to-face events, as I am bringing five years of experience in both contexts.  

Stories we share matter. Stories we share across cultures matter even more. In times of disruption, turbulent days, and moments of anxiety, we can connect with stories, no matter how far we are from each other. As the story is the shortest distance between you and me, between the global leaders and their team members, between the client and the coach.

I invite you to get inspired on how you can:

  • enhance your self-development with the narrative intercultural coaching in English here, or German here
  • enrich your repertoire of working with stories in your intercultural programs here
  • apply visual intercultural storytelling in educational projects across cultures in a series vis-a-vis

If you wish to stay updated, I am thrilled to send you the newest workshop and webinars details, articles and interviews as well as visual storytelling inspirations here  

For more information contact me: j.sell@interculturalcompass.com

Postal address:

Joanna Sell

Intercultural Compass

Salzweg 53

30952 Ronnenberg Germany

Cell phone: 0049 178 3924184

Phone: 00495109 562331

I look forward to hearing from you,


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