Power of Storytelling in the Intercultural Collaboration
November 2018 Panel discussion on the movie HALIM in Villah
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November 2018 Tales of Belonging – Storytelling workshop in Vienna

Storytelling Workshop @ the Hinterland Gallery in Vienna

“Stories can break the dignity of a people,
but stories can also repair that broken dignity.” C. Ngozi Adichie

Stories define power. Who tells them, how they are told, when they are told, how many are told – all these depend on power. So, what happens when someone not only tells the story of another person, but makes it the defining story of that person? What is the danger of a single story? And how can we use stories to empower and humanize?

Inspired by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s talk on “The Danger of a Single Story”, we will expand on this idea with a storytelling workshop. How can we can remove our default positions towards others, discover our unconscious biases, and empower our voices? Can we learn from the migrants’ journey?


• Screening of “Tales of Belonging” (5 min)
• Short discussion
• Interactive storytelling workshop with Joanna Sell: “Empowering our voices through storytelling”

What will you get from the storytelling evening?

• Improved understanding of unconscious bias
• Inspiration on how to work with stories and storytelling
• Ideas how to motivate people to share stories that bridge cultures and initiate change
• Confidence in building the global mindset

Many cordial thanks to Simorgh and its owner Pari Namazie and the Hinterland Gallery and its owner Gudrun Wallenböck





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