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vis-a-vis #3 Al qantara

In this vis-a-vis session, we are going to focus on metaphors in the world of fine arts and their power to tell compelling stories and re-narrate the existing ones. I have chosen the Arabic word “al qantara”, which signifies the bridge to additionally focus on building bridges of understanding across cultures.

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Starting with visiting different art institutions online we are combining the experience with visual pieces of art with storytelling across cultures and exchange how people from around the world deal with the current challenges.

In the session AL QANTARA we are going to have a look at different artworks around the world as the starting point and focus on the following questions:

  • What metaphors are applied in different cultures?
  • How can we work with metaphors?
  • How can we bridge cultures and enhance cultural understanding?

We start our vis-a-vis Visual Intercultural Stories Art Adventure in Doha, Qatar, travel to Hongkong, and end our virtual session in France, north of Paris. Al qantara stands for a bridge and the focus of our travelling is building bridges of understanding across cultures – of course with sharing stories and getting inspirations from the powerful metaphors.

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If you work as an EDUCATOR, DIVERSITY & INCLUSION EXPERT, COACH, INTERCULTURAL TRAINER or FACILITATOR the Visual Intercultural Stories Art Adventure offers you:

  • exchange with people from around the globe,
  • templates of storytelling activities applied in the sessions,
  • coaching Tools enhancing self-development,
  • inspirations on how to work with visuals that contribute to inclusive surroundings,
  • ideas on how to work with intercultural story circles

It is the third event in the series vis-a-vis – Visual Intercultural Stories – Art Adventure – Virtual Interactive Session.

Every session is focused on three steps:

  • Step 1. Inspiration by art
  • Step 2. Sharing stories and discussing in the intercultural story circles
  • Step 3. Self-reflection & further development of the cultural intelligence.

Stay tuned and look for art inspirations everywhere.

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