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vis-a-vis #3 Al qantara

In this vis-a-vis session, we are going to focus on metaphors in the world of fine arts and their power to tell compelling stories and re-narrate the existing ones. I have chosen the Arabic word “al qantara”, which signifies the bridge to additionally focus on building bridges of understanding across cultures.

Every vis-a-vis Art Adventure is focused takes place in three acts: 
Step 1. Inspiration by art
Step 2. Sharing stories and discussing in the intercultural story circles.
Step 3. Self-reflection & development of cultural intelligence with a coaching question

We start our vis-a-vis Visual Intercultural Stories Art Adventure in Doha, Qatar, travel to Hongkong, and end our virtual session in France, north of Paris. Al qantara stands for a bridge and the focus of our travelling is building bridges of understanding across cultures – of course with sharing stories and getting inspirations from the powerful metaphors.

In the second half of our journey, we are going to enjoy sharing stories over a cup of tea, coffee, cappuccino, or a glass of juice of your choice in a coffee shop that relates to the theme of this session. Before landing home, you are going to receive one of the most precious presents we can get nowadays… That is a surprise, though.

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Stay tuned and look for art inspirations everywhere.

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