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Welcome to One Word Stories

The idea of “One Word Stories” got its shape at the end of last year when I looked back at a challenging time and realized how meaningful conversations made a difference in my case. When the world stood still, and I could not travel and visit the world, I decided […]

The story behind the Visual Intercultural Storytelling

Let me share a short story, before I invite you to dive with me into the world of Visual Intercultural Storytelling Art Adventures. It was a cosy January evening last year, filled with the smells and tastes of delicious food. Our exchange student from Peru, Giovanna, my teenage daughter, Julia, and I were sitting at the dining table chatting, laughing and mingling languages, German, English, Spanish and Polish. My son and my husband were upstairs. Suddenly the telephone rang. My Mom was on the phone. „Are you busy now? […]

How does art inspire meaningful conversations and sharing stories by people from various cultures?

„I loved it!” Why?1. The subject was presented visually and it immediately addressed my emotions.2. Connecting the four types of stories to the paintings made it easy to remember them and to discuss the power of these narratives in groups3. The flow of the session was something I really liked […]

What can we learn about the Midd​l​e East at the museums that make cultures tangible?

Inspirations from Doha in Qatar and Muscat in Oman Development of intercultural sensitivity and competence is a life-long learning experience. There are many ways to dive into new cultures. One of them is the direct contact with artefacts and the stories they tell that can be found in various museums. […]

How can we learn creativity from Leonardo da Vinci to design intercultural programs?

Exactly five centuries ago the world lost one of the most impactful universal geniuses, who vastly enriched humanity with his ideas and extraordinary imagination – Leonardo da Vinci. As Giorgio Vasari wrote about Leonardo in “The Lives of the Artists”, “Heaven sometimes sends us beings who represent not humanity alone […]

Storytelling Museum. How does Louvre in Abu Dhabi mirror the ideas of multiculturalism, universalism, a​n​d globalization?

„At the beginning of the 21stcentury, the scale of communication around the globe seems to have transformed the planet into a global village. The last decade of the 20thcentury marked the end of a historical era in which the West had occupied centre stage.” What sounds like an introduction to […]

How to enhance learning with storytelling?

As nowadays every smartphone is giving more pieces of information within seconds than any expert in the field, the focus of teaching should be laid on the mixture of theory, critical thinking and interactive exchange focused on how to transfer the “lessons learned” into the praxis. Therefore our role as […]

How to crash 9 myths on demotivated students?

How to crash nine myths on demotivated students nowadays? And how to enhance learning with storytelling and story sharing? Nowadays, teaching and learning are mingling and time and energy investment in collaborative working to enhance collective intelligence is an important step to enrich the process of educating. Why? Because young […]

What if we introduced more beauty to our life stories?

Inspirations from the BEAUTY Exhibition by Sagmeister & Walsh at the MAK in Vienna Entering the exhibition feels like diving into a secret magic space. Tiny drops of water, forming a transparent “fog screen” are stroking my skin when I cross the space between the profanum of the streets of […]

How does storytelling affect our brains?

Those who do not have power over the story that dominates their lives—the power to retell it, rethink it, deconstruct it, joke about it, and change it as times change—truly are powerless, because they cannot think new thoughts. Salman Rushdie Human brains are wired to organize communication processes into stories. […]

What can we learn from “1001 Nights”?

One of the most wonderful ways to get to know different cultural circles and discover values transported in the stories is listening to and reading myths, fairy tales and legends from around the world. Diving into the magic worlds of stories can be an eye opener and an invitation to […]

How to be a better leader with TING? Storylistening for leaders

What are you actually doing when you listen to someone else speaking? Do you really listen to their story? While listening to someone talking our brain works in the accelerated manner, so that we actually hear many voices. The voice of the teller can be rather weak in comparison with […]

If you had an eight-day week, what would you do on day number 8?


When are you calling a place home?


With whom are you sharing joy of waiting?


What are you grateful for today?


What are you letting go?

What is it like to let go? How does it feel, when YOU let go? What sensations in your body are you aware of? Are you taking a deep breath in and out?

Where is your name? Where is my name?

A name is not only part of our identity but also part of an “agreement” or what I call an unwritten rule, “who can call us how, when and where”. It is tight with respect and ...

Why Storytelling in the intercultural Communication?

You might be asking why storytelling in the intercultural communication? Exactly this question marked the beginning of my journey towards the storytelling approach
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