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How can stories be told with dancing and how can it help to deal with culture stress? Interview with Divya Amarnath

Welcome to the video with the interview
Can dancing be a remedy to the culture change? Is dealing with relocation easier when you focus on creativity? Is there a universal language, understood across cultures? What is it like to dance to a different tune? Welcome to the "dancing interview" with Divya Amarnath done by Joanna Sell from Intercultural Compass in India, at the SIETAR India conference in Pune. I would like to thank:
Divya for openess and inspiration,
organizers of the SIETAR India conference in Pune for bringing us together,
Deepak from Asha Photos and an inspiring interculturalist Mithun Mridha for being fantastic camera operators and
Andrzej Ochojski for all his creativity, patience and time investment in editing the film.

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