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May 2019 Workshop “How to facilitate intercultural programs with storytelling?”
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Cultural Approaches toward Time in Global Organizations

Sell, Joanna (2019). Cultural Approaches toward Time in Global Organizations in : Chlopczyk, J., Erlach, C. (Ed.) Transforming Organizations. Narrative and Story-Based Approaches, Springer

Abstract from the book: Achieving true change and innovation depends on our ability to re-imagine and re-author the futures we want our organizations to have – and to open new perspectives and new ways of thinking, being and doing in the process. Narrative approaches and storytelling are powerful tools that can help us create a new future for branding and marketing, change, leadership, organizational learning and development. 

Gathering contributions by scholars and practitioners from various disciplines, this book provides a unique overview of an emerging field of practice in organizations and communities. Rooted in a narrative conceptual framework, the respective papers describe a broad range of trans-disciplinary applications, tools and methods for effectively working with stories.

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