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December 2017 Radio interview for Espresso Show in New York
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November 2017 Cultural Detective Certification in Vienna

One month before Christmas, on 23th-25th of November I spent three days on power learning in Vienna. The certification workshop offered by the author of the intercultural method – Cultural Detective, Dianne Hofner Saphiere brought to Austria a fantastic group of intercultural trainers and coaches from all over Europe (France, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Slovakia, and of course Austria) and such far away corners of the world as Saudi Arabia, and Canada. As always, in the intercultural field, the names of the countries of residence, give just a short impression of the mosaic identities, gathered in the workshop. And so, there were people of Nigerian, US-American, Indian, Japanese, Albanese, Brazilian, Polish and Malaysian origin.

Dianne, originally from the USA, currently based in Mexico and bringing vast experience from Japan, where she had lived for decdes before her relocation to Mexico, created a unique atmosphere of trust, powerful exchange and learning from each other. Her tool, Cultural Detective, which is based on storytelling is “an interactive, practical and enjoyable method for:
- gaining valuable insight about your colleagues from other cultures,
- developing a better understanding of your own values and beliefs,
- respecting and appreciating your colleagues’ perspectives, and
- taking practical, concrete steps to collaborate more effectively”

(Source: Cultural Detective Manual)

I am thrilled to add the Cultural Detective method to the fan of intercultural tools, with focus on the narrative approach – storytelling, narrative coachings and a powerful intercultural game diversophy.

Many thanks to Dianne and Barbara Covarubias Venegas with her SIETAR Austria team for organizing the three empowering days.

More on Cultural Detective can be found here www.culturaldetective.com
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