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As an intercultural trainer and facilitator I am convinced of the power of gamification as games provide a safe space to experiment and are activating participants’ knowledge, emotional involvement and curiosity. Hence, people try out new ideas and learn from one another. Additionally, they develop their emotional intelligence and can try out “new behaviors”. diversophy®  is an interactive learning game designed to develop the global & local competence needed to find opportunities and meet challenges, as well as handle conflicts and crises in multicultural collaboration and living situations.  I do not only use the games in my programs but also am the author of the game diversophy Poland in English and German as a part of the series of country-specific games. Many intercultural trainers have been using diversophy to enhance learning and exchange on cultural expectations and behaviors. What I value most about the tool is its narrative approach: 

  • diversiSHARE cards ask the players to compare the new culture’s approaches to everyday situations with what they were raised to believe or accustomed to do. They are a real eye-opener and a unique invitation to share observations and question the familiar perception possibilities. 
  • diversiRISK cards subject us to surprise happenings in an unfamiliar context, some are positive surprises, and others are disappointing outcomes from our behavior or mere presence in alien surroundings
  • diversiGUIDE cards impart wisdom from the new culture and from those who have fathomed it well
  • diversiCHOICE ask us to pick a course of appropriate behavior in our new cultural setting
  • diversiSMARTS cards test factual knowledge about cultural characteristics.

Picture: Joanna with diversophy creator, dr George Simons in Ireland.

Got curious? For more information contact https://diversophy.com

For details on diversophyPoland check https://diversophy.com/collections/diversophy-about-specific-countries-1/products/poland


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