May 2019, Pre-Congress Workshop on Learning Journey Design
How to cope with stereotypes as a female pilot & enjoy feeling home around the world? Interview with Katja Jakob
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Facilitating Open Space @ SIETAR Europa Conference in Leuven, Belgium

Not everyday practitioners from the business context and researchers from academia have a chance to get together and brainstorm on sustainability and future of the intercultural programs. Mithun Mridha and I offered 2 OPEN SPACE sessions at the SIETAR Europa Conference in Leuven to make sure that the participants have the chance to exchange their observations, best practices, and challenges and discuss how we can improve and further enhance Intercultural Sensitivity Development and CQ (Cultural Intelligence) in the complex and disrupted world. After having a look at the posters that are fruits of the collective intelligence in the room, we identified 5 greatest challenges which at the same time are the greatest chances to focus on:

  1. How to offer open formats on intercultural competence development to a wider audience (not only to the corporate world, academia, etc.)?
  2. How to cope with resistance to losing power and create spaces of psychological safety and reconciliation?
  3. How to get organizations to go beyond low-impact solutions and establish strategic long term approaches?
  4. How to deal with the digital tornado and resistance to digital working among intercultural practitioners?
  5. What new learning formats can reach the young generation? To be more precise, What new tools, approaches are necessary to reach the generation Z?

As you see, it is a really rich content and we can continue the exchange on best practices and initiatives in the digital space, so that we can work across cultures and time zones. If you have an idea how to proceed, do not hesitate to drop me a line under

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Photo: Curtesy Laxmi Chaudry

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