Culture as a set of stories that we enter.

Jérôme Bruner

When we perceive culture as a set of stories we dive into, we immediately understand the importance and value of sharing stories in the intercultural communication. These stories enormously support mutual understanding both at the cognitive as well as the emotional level. Investing some time in exchanging stories about working habits, communication styles, decision making, giving and receiving feedback and expectations towards leadership and management in different cultures enable us to create a common ground to „read“ different cultural codes and act accordingly to newly co-created guidelines.

In the VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) world of the 21st century, intercultural competence is one of the crucial competencies. Reflecting your own cultural influences as well as gaining knowledge regarding other cultures are the first steps on the way to the rise of your intercultural awareness. For widening your intercultural sensitivity, you need more, though. With Intercultural Compass and me as your intercultural Coach, Trainer, and Facilitator you have the opportunity to set on a unique journey to the personal development, gaining intercultural competency and cultural intelligence fitting your requirements and wishes.

You can choose between Coaching, Intercultural Training, and Facilitation, and enhance multicultural team development and global leadership development with programs combining all the three forms of this intercultural guidance, tailored to your needs.  You may also work on your personal development with the narrative approach and discover the power of storytelling across cultures 


Storytelling for intercultural understanding

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