Facilitating Open Space @ SIETAR Europa Conference in Leuven, Belgium
Rozmowy przy kawie o stresie, lęku i traumie
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How to cope with stereotypes as a female pilot & enjoy feeling home around the world? Interview with Katja Jakob

Working as a pilot in a man dominated profession is challenging and rewarding at the same time. As long as we see only one side of the story, young women would rather choose jobs as flight attendants or members of the airlines on the ground. The dominant narrative has discouraged girls from becoming pilots for many decades. In our interview, Katja re-narrates these worn-off stories.

Hardly anyone knows that the job has got many pluses for women who decide to have children. Due to the flexible nature of the profession, it is possible to combine a career with a private life. In Katja’s case, as an overseas pilot, she is on her way two weeks in a row and can spend the rest of the month home. Of course, such a life model requires excellent organizational skills and engagement of the baby sitters and family members who take care of the kids when mom is in the cockpit. In those times when she is on the ground, she can enjoy family and friends. Anyway, Katja enjoys meeting friends when she travels as well and feels home in different spots around the globe. How she does it, she shares many stories in our interview. Enjoy

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