June 2016 Impact of migration on Chopin’s oeuvre
Storytelling for intercultural understanding
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September 2016 SIETAR EUROPA Journal interviews Joanna

Interview: The Power of Storytelling in the globalized World

It was a real pleasure to talk to Patrick Schmidt, the chief editor of  SIETAR Europa Journal about storytelling and its role in the intercultural field. The interview has been published in the September-November 2016 Issue. The interview took us one hour and the follow-up exchange was very interesting.

Storytelling in the intercultural context works! I am convinced that it is the future of intercultural learning as it offers us a chance to change perspectives and build our intercultural competence on communication skills and wisdom as well as curiosity about other cultures instead of generalizations.The entire interview can be found in "SIETAR Europa Journal" SIETAR Europa Journal Issue: September-November 2016 If you are interested in storytelling in the intercultural context do not miss the chance to read my short article in SIETAR Europa Journal Issue September-November 2015 Additionally I would like to invite you to read two chapters on storytelling in English- and German speaking books: "Beyond Storytelling" and "Storytelling". Both of them published by Springer Verlag in Spring 2017.

The Power of Visual Storytelling in SEU Journal

SIETAR EUROPA Journal September - November 2015

Interview on Storytelling in the SEU Journal

SIETAR EUROPA Journal September - November 2016
Sell, J. (2017): Storytelling for Intercultural Understanding and Intercultural Sensitivity Development in: (Chlopczyk, J. (ed.) Beyond Storytelling. Springer Gabler.
cover_storytelling_geschichten in text, bild und film
Sell, J. (2017): Segel hoch und auf zu neuen Ufern - Eine Reise durch die Welt der Storytelling-Methoden im unterkulturellen Kontext in: Schach, A. (ed.) Storytelling. Geschichten in Text, Bild und Film, Springer Gabler
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