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May 2017 Opening of the Congress day two

When I was opening the SIETAR Europa Congress on the second day, suddenly lights went off after a couple of the first sentences of my speech and I literally had a blackout. Remaining in the darkness felt like the eternity. The result was that I started to improvise and actually said something that surprised not only the audience but also me. "In these turbulent times, we need more light than ever. We have turned from the interculturalists to the agents of hope and it is our responsibility to bring that hope to our clients, customers, and students, as there are so many fears in the world." The following keynote speeches by dr. Chan-Hoong Leong from Singapore and dr. Jo Angouri from Great Britain were definitely transmitting that hope

The opening with these keynote speeches can be seen on the SIETAR Europa youtube channel under You can skip the beginning with the introduction to the rating on the Congress app and jump directly into the content, starting in the minute 9:35.
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