Cultural Approaches toward Time in Global Organizations
May 2019, Pre-Congress Workshop on Learning Journey Design
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May 2019 Workshop “How to facilitate intercultural programs with storytelling?”

It was the first day of the conference and the program was really full. Six tracks in parallel and the film festival. When I enter the room to prepare the workshop, there were couple of participants smiling. One of them told me, I came earlier to have a chair. I smiled back and said “Well, there are so many tracks at the same time that we are going to be a rather small group”. Minutes passed and to my big surprise the room filled with participants who occupied all the chairs, spots on the floor and standing places along the walls. I saw some familiar and many new faces and improvised quickly. I prepared two activities for a group of approx. 20 persons. In the meantime there were triple as many and the door did not close. As, I am used to improvising, I immediately came up with an alternative activity and facilitated the group, paying attention to… the atmosphere. Sharing stories requires the atmosphere of trust and I can only hope that the participants dived into this courageous exchange. Afterwards we had a vivid brainstorming on how to work with stories and for instance apply the hero’s journey in the intercultural programs and coachings. The short interactive input on the neuroscience of storytelling that followed led me to sharing a very personal story. Once again in my life I appreciated the magic of sharing stories of vulnerability.

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