29. Januar 2019

Re-Authoring Futures

Sell, Joanna (2018). Freezing the Picture of Now to Shape Better Futures Sell, Joanna (2018). Taking Back the Power. Interview with Mary Alice Arthur in: Re-Authoring Futures, Con-Texts, Beyond Storytelling, Almblitz.  If there is one publication that is a nutshell of storytelling for the future it is definitely this one and […]
29. Januar 2019

SEU Intercultural Training Toolkit

Sell, J. (2018): Storytelling with a Lie in: Hansen, E.; Torkler, A., Covarrubias Venegas, B., SEU Intercultural Training Toolkit, SIETAR Europa. This Intercultural Training Toolkit is a compilation of inspiring methods organized in three sections: Opening and Warm-up Activities Feedback & Debriefing Activities Teambuilding Activities It is fantastic for the […]
25. September 2018

Power of Storytelling in the Intercultural Collaboration

Storytelling is powerful in the intercultural communication not only because of magic and power of telling and sharing stories but also because of many additional reasons. Check why and enjoy diving into the world of the newest insights from the neuroscience and the brain plasticity, interactive storytelling tools and zooming-in […]
2. Juni 2017

Eine Reise durch die Welt der Storytelling Methoden im interkulturellen Kontext

Sell, J. (2017): Segel hoch und auf zu neuen Ufern. Eine Reise durch die Welt der Storytelling Methoden im interkulturellen Kontext, in: Schach, A. (Hrsg) Storytelling. Geschichten in Text, Bild und Film, Springer Verlag.
2. Juni 2017

Storytelling for intercultural understanding

Sell, J. (2017): Storytelling for Intercultural Understanding and Intercultural Sensitivity Development, in: Chlopczyk, J. Beyond Storytelling, Springer Gabler, pp 223-249.
6. Juni 2016

When tears turn into music

In my interdisciplinary paper When tears turn into music – the impact of Frederic Chopin’s migration on his ouvre I have pleasure to give the floor to musicologists, historians, physicians, psychiatrists, linguists and experts in the intercultural field, in order to sketch a detailed portrait of artist’s life and the impact of migration on his compositions.
25. Mai 2016

Buch Personal und Diversität

Sell, J. (2016). Interkulturelle Kompetenzentwicklung - eine Chance auf eine gelungene Kommunikation über die Grenzen hinweg in: Vetter, G., Krause, F. (Hrsg.) Personal und Diversität, Mering, Rainer Hamm Verlag.
20. Juni 2014

Coping with Culture Change Stress

Sell, J. (2014). RAINBOW – cross-cultural skills development in order to more effective coping with culture change stress in: Jośko-Ochojska, J. (Ed.) Stres nasz codzienny.
3. März 2014


I am happy to announce that I currently work on a common project with George Simons from Diversophy, where I develop the new diversophy game for Poland.
20. November 2013

Perfekt geplant versus genial improvisiert

Sell, J. (2013). Perfekt geplant versus genial improvisiert, Unterschiede in der deutsch-polnischen Geschäftskultur von A-Z in: Deutsch-Polnisches Wirtschaftsjahrbuch 2013/2014, Polsko-Niemiecki Rocznik Gospodarczy 2013/2014, pages 10-13.
20. Mai 2013

Geschäftskultur Polen

My first book on Polish business culture „Geschäftskultur Polen“ has been available on the market since October, 2013.