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Ready for 24 empowering questions?

Advent, Advent... as many of us are getting busy and experience kind of Chrismas fever, I would like to invite you to lay back and reflect for three minutes every day. You may grab a cup of hot chocolate, have a ginger bread or whatevever you wish to refresh with and think of YOUR answer to the question on the picture. If you wish, you may write down your answer. That helps a lot. Of course, not only advent is celebrated at this season of the year. For more festivities, check please my blog With whom are you sharing joy of waiting?
I am happy to offer you an advent calendar of a special kind, which marks the joy of waiting and is a combination of a visual story, an inspiring quote and an empowering question.The quotes that inspired the questions are a mixture of thoughts expressed by female and male writers, artists and scientists from different cultures and different centuries. Some of the sentences are fruits of my conversations with different persons, I am thankful for. Please feel free to discover one empowering question every day, 24 days in the raw. Feel free to share if you wish and get inspired by the joy of waiting. Enjoy.