December 24
What are the colors of your cultures? Interview with an actress Lisa Liang
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January 2018 Sea of stories online

The Sea of Stories

is a series of interviews in which arts and intercultural experiences mingle. I am thrilled to give voice to artists and influencers who enrich the understanding across cultures and promote intercultural sensitivity with their creative approach, be it in visual arts, music, literature, theater plays, etc. Understanding a piece of art and a person with his or her rich fan of cultural influences at the cognitive level is a tiny part of the perception. The emotional aspect is of much greater importance. That is why I would love to invite you to dive into the Sea of shared here by artists from different fields and different corners of the world as well as interculturalists who work with art projects to enhance understanding across cultures. Some of them are global nomads or bring the experience of third culture kids, some - are constantly on their way as they are realizing projects in different parts of the globe. By creating the series of interviews I would love to raise awareness of the ways how emotions can be dealt with through creativity, during moving around the globe and communicating across cultures.
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