August 2018 Storytelling course at the Leibniz University in Hanover
How does storytelling affect our brains?
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September 2018 Speaker at the “Story the Future Summit”

More than 50 practitioners of story and narrative-driven change have been invited to be part of the Story the Future Summit in September and I’m happy to announce I’m one of them! Story the Future is a three-week online summit filled with dialogue, inspiration, and ideas participants can put to work right away to a”story the future”. The Summit is a collection of half-hour interviews discussing a range of facets around storytelling and story work. New interviews will be coming out daily, jam-packed with fresh ideas, ways to work with story and insights into how story is working in, and changing, the world. And the best part of this? You can attend for free! The intention of this Summit is to share stimulating new ways of looking at story and story work, connect the international field of people interested in story and help all of us deepen our practice. I’m right behind that -- and I hope you join us! Thank you Mary Alice Arthur and David B. Drake for organizing and facilitating this awsome event. For more details and many more speakers check, please



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