Doing business in Germany

Discover many specific ways in which your German business partners do business and develop strategies to cope with culture-bound differences. Learn to transform challenges in opportunities and to create new synergies by learning the "whys" behind cultural perspectives, the geographical and historical origins and best practices applied in the German business context. Learn the key ways of thinking and behaving and recognise your own communication style and your thinking patterns while dealing with people from other cultures. Last, but not least, identify specific actions to take that will enhance communication with your German counterparts.
You wish to get fit to communicate and negotiate with German business partners because: • you work internationally across borders and have projects with German team members, • you work for a German subsidiary • you have moved to Germany and wish to get to know German business world Above all, you would like to get to know strategies how to cope with culture-bound differences, regarding time management, observing deadlines, giving and receiving feedback and dealing with risk.

Focus on

  • Influence of cultural characteristics on behaviour, values, communication and working styles in Germany.
  • culture-bound expectations on business partners and team members from Germany.
  • Criteria regarding successful planing, implementing and project evaluation
  • Identifying risks and chances of intercultural cooperation.
  • reflection on individual cultural influences on communication patterns and giving and receiving feedback.

Your take aways

  • sensitivity for specifics of German business culture
  • knowhow regarding values, traditions and characteristics of the communication and working styles in Germany
  • reflection of your own cultural influences
  • strategies to cope with conflicts and culture-bound misunderstandings
  • focus on synergy potentials
  • intercultural sensitivity development




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