20. Dezember 2018

What can female leaders learn from stories across cultures? Interview with Kholood Alzaidi

Kholood Alzaidi in twenty-three first years of her life left her hometown, Kut, one hundred miles south of Baghdad only once. Back then she set on a day trip to the capital city accompanied by her father. He played an important role in her life and inspired her to study […]
30. Mai 2018

Im Labyrinth des Lebens in unterschiedlichen Kulturen, Interview mit Tina Zickler

5. Mai 2018

How can stories be told with dancing and how can it help to deal with culture stress? Interview with Divya Amarnath

23. April 2018

What can we learn from Simorgh about participatory leadership? Interview with Pari Namazie

10. Januar 2018

What are the colors of your cultures? Interview with an actress Lisa Liang

5. Januar 2018

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