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January 2020 Storytelling Workshop for intercultural practitioners in Vienna

When: January, 30th 2020 9:00-5:00 P.M.

Where: WU (Economic University) in Vienna as creative architecture attracts creative ideas. The Economic University in Vienna designed by Zaha Hadid is hence a fantastic venue for a Storytelling Workshop for intercultural Coaches & Trainers.

The workshop was built on the principle of the learning journey in which the participants were invited to get to know the narrative approach and the neuroscience of storytelling and story listening. They shared, designed and co-created stories that enhance mutual understanding among people from different cultures and tried out numerous storytelling activities, which they were thrilled to apply in their own intercultural trainings and coachings.

Session Objectives:

Learning how to inspire your participants to share stories that bridge cultures, initiate change & lead to a deeper reflection on leadership skills across cultures and enhancing global teamwork

Getting to know storytelling activities, which enable the participants of your intercultural programs to describe their work-related experiences across cultures, their struggles, and their success stories in intercultural situations. 

Story sharing activities for the introduction: Back-story, Three Stories One Lie, Intercultural Compass Tool 

Storytelling activities for change processes: Hero’s Journey, Intercultural Compass Tool, interactive storytelling, open-end stories, story cubes 

Working with stories in narrative intercultural coaching: visual storytelling, re-authoring, future story 

Storytelling for evaluation: six words stories, evaluation with the most significant moment

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