Relocation Coaching

Does it sound familiar to you? First of all euphoria, curiosity what it will be like, then discovery of some interesting spots in the new place, new people and their traditions and life styles, and then insecurity and confusion mixed with irritation regarding numerous cultural differences that seem to be a real burden? Or just the opposite, the initial fears turn out to be way too exaggerated, discovery of the new life chapter starts and at some point insecurity returns and starts to play an important role in your life. Moving to the new place is an emotional challenge and gives us the answer how well we can manage major changes. If you do not do it skillfully,  you might gain the impression that everything in the new place is not familiar, strange, even annoying, shortly speaking just the opposite to everything you had known and valued. You might feel as if you were losing ground under your feet. Stop the vicious circle and start to perceive your life in the new culture as an important enrichment. I am happy to support you on this journey to yourself - your cultural roots and the world of the  expectations towards the new culture. You can be sure that the relocation coaching I offer is focused on the strategies on how to deal with the relocation stress and methods to find the balance between the expectations and the reality in the new surroundings. Together we will: Step 1: Identify your new needs and wishes Step 2: Question your expectations Step 3: Decide what is most important to you Step 4: Define your Global Life Ingredients Ready to set the sails? Contact me @