How to facilitate intercultural programs with storytelling?

In the series of events on gamification and storytelling during the GAMIFICATION WEEK for SIETAR Italia, I am thrilled to offer my two hours workshop for intercultural practitioners who wish to apply more stories, get to know and try out the storytelling activities which work in global learning context, and […]

Intercultural Playground in the Cloud

I am thrilled to invite fans of gamification and storytelling to the intercultural playground. On May, 7th we are hosting you with Bernd Gibson, a great fan of interactive activities, music lover and teacher in IESEG in Paris.

How to facilitate virtual meetings with the focus on human relations

In these series of webinars you are going to learn, experience and share best practices regarding facilitation of the virtual meetings with the focus on human relations. Your presents include: inspirations on how to focus on human relations in the virtual world an interactive input on how to use virtual […]

Last year was a very special year tome. It was the year of cooperation, inspiring tandem facilitations in Malaysia, Belgium and Austria, tough decisions and self-development. Above all, it was the year of re-authoring my purpose. Entering 2020, the turbulent times, when the dominant narratives focus on building walls and dividing people, made me reflect on the urgent need of spreading the story sharing practices and working with stories in the intercultural context with much more energy and dedication. That was the reason why I decided to kick-off a series of Storytelling, Story listening and “working with stories” workshops. We need more safe spaces to share stories, more meaning-making and more courage to question the dominant toxic narratives and build bridges of mutual understanding across cultures. Check for more details on dates, venues and focus below, please.

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