learning battle cards

How to incorporate Design Thinking into the Training design? Thanks to a well-designed learning journey the participants of intercultural and storytelling programs are empowered to try out new perspectives, be creative and gain many new insights. Very often they are encouraged to practice out of box thinking and therefore see their […]

cultural detective

Cultural Detective is a collaborative project by dozens of specialists around the world, all committed to provide an effective, practical process for developing intercultural competence. It is skill-based as users learn: to understand themselves as cultural beings (subjective culture). to anticipate others’ possible motivations for specific behaviors (cultural empathy), to bridge cultural differences, […]


As an intercultural trainer and facilitator I am convinced of the power of gamification as games provide a safe space to experiment and are activating participants’ knowledge, emotional involvement and curiosity. Hence, people try out new ideas and learn from one another. Additionally, they develop their emotional intelligence and can […]

Intercultural Compass applies different tools and games to enhance intercultural learning. Joanna is namely a big fan of gamification and here you can check some of her favorite tools, such as diversophy, Cultural Detective and Learning Battle Cards and get to know their creators, George Simons, Dianne Saphiere and the LBC Team. You also may get to know Joanna as the author of diversophy Poland and the author of the section on storytelling for Cultural Detective.