May 2015 Gamification Workshop with Thiagi and Sam
January 2016 Opening of the vernissage “THE OTHER”
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September 2015 Training for the Chamber of Commerce

September '15

Intercultural training for the Chamber of Commerce and Trade in Hanover

One day intercultural training for the representatives of companies from Hanover and Lower Saxony cooperating with Poland was focused on negotiation strategies and intercultural communication skills. The group was very heterogenous regarding experience in doing business with Polish business partners and intercultural competence in general. Additional challenge was the variety of companies represented on the two days - from global players, middle size companies to small enterprises. The picture in the training room, showing a straight road became a fantastic metaphor of expectations. The outcome of the training was acceptance for the winding road leading towards intercultural competence development. Once again the old truth became tangible: We do not do business with cultures, but with people.
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