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vis-a-vis #2 Babel
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vis-a-vis #1 Skin Color

Have you ever asked for the crayon of skin color to draw a person? What was the color of that crayon? Well, I have asked for such a crayon and feel ashamed that the world of obviousness I lived in made me blind. And so, I am inviting you to join me on July, 1st at 5:00 PM CEST for a virtual session. We are going to have a look at art as the starting point and try to find answers to the following questions: What has been the dominant narrative in fine arts across the globe, throughout the centuries? What was and many times, still is the world of obviousness, keeping us blind? And, above all, what can we do to re-narrate, raise voice against racism and xenophobia?

It is the first event from the series vis-a-vis – Visual Intercultural Stories – Art Adventure – Virtual Interactive Session.

Every session is focused on three steps:
Step 1. Inspiration by art
Step 2. Self-reflection & development
Step 3.Sharing stories and discussing in the intercultural story circles

Join me for this free event and click here