Doing business with Poland

What are the challenges and chances of doing business with people from Poland? What can you expect while dealing and negotiating with Polish business partners? How can you overcome culture-bound misunderstandings and create synergies? And last, but not least, how do you notice that your efforts paid off and trust has been established? The intercultural training on doing business with Poland delivers answers and best of practices. You co-shape it with your questions and your curiosity. The intercultural tool diversophy Poland LINK is a guaranty of learning by doing and sharing your observations and your insights at the same time.

Inhalte des Trainings

  • get to know culture-bound characteristics of communication and working styles across generations X, Y and Z in Poland
  • identify conflict and synergy potentials and get to know strategies to cope with misunderstandings
  • get accustomed with Polish business etiquette
  • find out more about written and oral communication style important while planing web meetings and writing e-mails, agendas and minutes
  • reflect your own cultural influences and expectations towards Polish counterparts

Your take aways

  • sensitivity development regarding Polish business culture
  • strategies for successful communication across borders
  • enhancing of your intercultural competence
  • getting to know frameworks for giving and receiving feedback in Polish business context
  • search for cultural synergies
Sell J. (2013) Geschäftskultur Polen, Conbook Verlag

Sell, Joanna (2013). Geschäftskultur Polen

Joanna Sell ist Autorin des Buches Geschäftskultur Polen, das 2013 von dem Conbook Verlag veröffentlicht wurde. Was über das Buch gesagt wurde, erfahren Sie hier. LINK

Sell, Joanna (2013). Perfekt geplant versus genial improvisiert

Joanna Sell ist Autorin des Beitrages "Perfekt geplant versus genial improvisiert" in dem Deutsch-Polnischen Wirtschaftsjahrbuch 2013/2014. PDF dieses Beitrages finden Sie hier LINK




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