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December 2013-May 2015 Co-shaping of the SIETAR Europa Congress in Valencia
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LEARNING BY PLAYING is with doubt a powerful approach. Participants are involved in the content with brains and hearts. And so I am more than happy to announce that the intercultural game diversophy is part of my intercultural programs.

Personally, I am the author of the diversophy Poland game in two language versions: English and German. You can find the game here: I also had a real pleasure to co-facilitate gasification workshops with the creator of diversophy series, dr. George Simons in Valencia (Spain) and Wroclaw (Poland).

"DIVERSOPHY® IS AN INTERACTIVE LEARNING GAME DESIGNED TO DEVELOP THE GLOBAL & LOCAL COMPETENCE YOU NEED TO FIND OPPORTUNITIES AND MEET CHALLENGES, AS WELL AS HANDLE CONFLICTS AND CRISES IN MULTICULTURAL COLLABORATION AND LIVING SITUATIONS." This card game activates the involvement of the participants at different levels and uses short stories to give input on various cultures. "diversophy® card categories are named to fit each learning challenge:

diversiSMARTS cards test factual knowledge about a culture

diversiCHOICE ask us to pick a course of appropriate behavior in our new cultural setting

diversiRISK cards subject us to surprise happenings in an unfamiliar context, some are positive surprises, and others are disappointing outcomes from our behavior or mere presence in alien surroundings

diversiGUIDE cards impart wisdom from the new culture and from those who have fathomed it well

while diversiSHARE cards ask us to compare the new culture’s approaches to everyday human situations with what we were raised to believe or do


diversophy workshop at SIETAR Polska Congress

The diversophy workshop where a multicultural group played diversophy Poland at the SIETAR Polska Congress "New Era of Expat" revealed the perception of Polish culture from various perspectives. Those who come originally from Poland and have lived abroad for some time, expats and migrants from different corners of the world based in Poland and Poles living in Poland had the chance to exchange their observations on culture in transition and enriched vivid discussions with their comparisons.

diversophy at the SIETAR Europa Congress in Valencia

The multicultural group attending George's and my pre-congress workshop on gamification played the diversophy game in the afternoon and reflected on possibilities how to apply it in different learning settings and how to debrief it. The game additionally offered a chance to exchange on use of gamification in different contexts.

Pre-congress workshop on diversophy

The pre-congress workshop on diversophy facilitated by Geroge Simons and me at the SIETAR Polska Congress "Intercultural Competence. The Key to today's globalized world" in November 2016 attracted participants from Poland and from abroad. The last two hours of our one day workshop was dedicated to possibilities of card creation. Reflecting on the content from different perspectives enriched the exchange a lot.

Playing diversophy with students at the universities

Learning by playing is always a good idea when students and phd students ask for more details on cultures. Exchange of short stories is what enhances learning no matter whether virtually or face-to-face. Regarding the second setting, diversophy is a great tool to apply during the intercultural training at the universities.
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