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27. Januar 2018

How to be a better leader with TING? Storylistening for leaders

10. Januar 2018

If you had an eight-day week, what would you do on day number 8?

19. Dezember 2017

When are you calling a place home?

1. Dezember 2017

Advent calendar

I would like to invite you to lay back and open one window in the advent calendar on this site. You may grab a cup of hot chocolate, have a ginger bread and think of YOUR answer to the 24 questions. Every window hides a combination of a visual story, an inspiring quote and an empowering question. Enjoy
30. November 2017

With whom are you sharing joy of waiting?

20. November 2017

What are you grateful for today?

1. November 2017

What are you letting go?

What is it like to let go? How does it feel, when YOU let go? What sensations in your body are you aware of? Are you taking a deep breath in and out?
24. Oktober 2017

Where is your name? Where is my name?

A name is not only part of our identity but also part of an “agreement” or what I call an unwritten rule, “who can call us how, when and where”. It is tight with respect and ...
17. Oktober 2017

Why Storytelling in the intercultural Communication?

You might be asking why storytelling in the intercultural communication? Exactly this question marked the beginning of my journey towards the storytelling approach
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